Do we build for ourselves or the neighbours?

Do we build for ourselves or the neighbours?

How many times have you looked at a house that is absolutely stunning on the outside and wondered what the inside looks like?  I know with pre-built estate homes, I’ve often been disappointed by poor design and, all too often, lots of poky little rooms.

I build for myself and my family.  I focus on what works, rather than the external experience my neighbours may see.  Yes, you can have both, but most of us have budgets to work with.  I also believe the external beauty of a home lies in the landscaping and gardens rather than the walls and the roof.

The home featured here is designed by one of my favourite architects, Robert Oshatz.  I haven’t seen the home ‘in the flesh’ but externally, I’d shrug and say ‘It’s OK’.  But internally, where I think it counts, that same design has resulted in a stunning room.

What do you think?

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  1. I like it – inside and out!

  2. I agree that we should build for ourselves as long as we meet the reasonable expectations of the neighbours. We once built a house that a neighbour tried to stop mid-construction because they didn’t think it was in keeping with theirs. Five years later, the style of our home had become the flavour of the year, the neighbour’s house had burned to the ground and everyone was happy!

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